Construction is a key steel consuming industry. The construction industry accounts for more than 50% of Metinvest's shipments. The company supplies steel products for residential, commercial and industrial construction to customers in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and elsewhere.

Our advantages for customers:

  • Complete package of construction products: shaped rolled products (beams, channels, and angles), plate for manufacturing metal structures, rebar, shaped tubes, etc.
  • Ability to ship lots of any configuration
  • Wide sales network, which allows for short distances to consumers and shipment of rolled products in the shortest possible time
  • Set of financial instruments
  • Possibility of joint participation in projects with a large proportion of rolled products in the cost of production

Metinvest actively supports the development of steel construction, which is more efficient than concrete construction.

Why steel construction

  • rapid construction of buildings and, consequently, an increase in operating revenue due to early cash flow generation
  • cost of steel construction is by 5-7% lower compared to alternative technologies
  • buildings from steel constructions have innovative design and translucent structures
  • steel construction allows to create widespan spaces and increase the effectiveness of real estate
  • steel constructions is the ideal solution to add additional floors to the existing building

In particular, Metinvest is part of the industry association Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC). USCC is a tool to eliminate technical barriers in the steel construction sector, modernize the regulatory framework, and introduce international best practices in the design, manufacturing, fire protection and installation of steel structures.

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