Mining industry

The mining sector sets strict requirements for metal products that are used to support mine workings, and for equipment manufacturing as all equipment is subject to considerable stress imposed by rock. The performance characteristics of structures and mechanisms (service life, lifting capacity, and steel intensity), and the opportunity to reduce production costs are of great importance.

Working in close cooperation with industry clients, Metinvest is developing a range of rolled products and supplying products to customers in Ukraine, CIS countries and other regions with high operational capabilities: increased strength and durability.

In particular, the portfolio of Metinvest's products includes:

  • Screw bars for anchor bolts
  • 20G2AF  support section profiles for arch supports
  • Grinding balls for crushing ore materials
  • Mine rails for the construction of narrow-gauge railways
  • High-strength plates for the production of mining equipment parts

Advantages for mining companies from cooperating with Metinvest: technical support and development of customised engineering solutions, the ability to enter into long-term agreements, and flexible financing schemes.

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