Metinvest expands range of galvanized rolled steel produced according to European standard

2 February 2016

PJSC Mariupol Ilyich Iron & Steel Works has launched the production of galvanized rolled coils according to European norm EN 10346. The product will be used for construction applications to manufacture lightweight thin-walled structures and load-bearing profiled flooring.

An alloying system, casting, hot and cold rolling procedures, as well as coil hot-dip galvanizing conditions were developed to produce S250GD galvanized rolled products. 

The resulting mechanical properties are fully in line with the requirements of European standards. Galvanized rolled products of S250GD steel have the guaranteed level of strength specifications, making it possible to use them in the manufacture of formed sections for lightweight thin-walled structures and load-bearing structures.

Rolled products of S250GD steel are available as coils with a thickness of 0.5-1.6 mm and a width of 1,000-1,250 mm. The first 1,300 tons of the new product have been already shipped to customers in Poland. 

Galvanized coils produced according to EN 10346 enjoy steady demand in Ukraine and the CIS as well as in export destination markets. Earlier, Mariupol Ilyich Steel streamlined the mass production of galvanized coils of S320GD and S350GD steel grades (used in the manufacture of lightweight thin-walled structures) and rolled products of DX51D steel (used in the manufacture of roofs, ventilation and guttering, window profiles and other). Metinvest has shipped about 88 thousand tons of rolled products made of these steel grades, including 3 thousand tons to South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East in 2015.