Metinvest becomes the first in Ukraine to produce weather resistant rolled steel according to the European standard

17 February 2016 // Photo: Vaidotas Mišeikis

In January this year, Metinvest Group's Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol and Azovstal Iron and Steel Works started production of structural steel plates with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance according to EN 10025-5. Nobody in Ukraine before produced such steel. The appearance and quality parameters of weather resistant steel are similar to world-renowned Corten steel.

The anticorrosive properties of steel as per EN 10025-5 are down to its chemical composition. Thanks to a special alloying system, patina forms on the surface of the steel to protect its internal layers against exposure to environment. Rolled products made of such steel do not require any painting, saving costs for surface treatment and operation of structures.

Products are widely used in construction of bridges and highlines, manufacture of reservoirs, tanks, design of facade for buildings and objects. The use of weather resistant steel in structures meant for flue gas ducts helps extend the service life of flue ducts and gas channels.

International certification body TUV issued a Certificate of Factory Production Control to Iron and Steel Works allowing them to produce such steel and confirming quality compliance with European norms.

Mastering the production of weather resistant plates by Metinvest Group's Iron and Steel Works will help extend a product mix for European consumers. The first 190 tons of new steel products were shipped to Poland. An order portfolio for the near future includes more than 4,000 tons of rolled steel destined to Western and Eastern Europe in the segment of bridge construction. The Company also plans to supply products to the domestic market.