Metinvest launched a new shot blasting and priming line in Italy

11 April 2016

Metinvest commissioned a new shot blasting and priming facility at Trametal Spa (San Giorgio di Nogaro), its Italian re-rolling operation that specializes on the production of hot-rolled plate. The line was put into serial production following the completion of performance tests at the end of March 2016.

Metinvest`s heavy plates are commonly used in shipbuilding, wind energy, bridge building, and heavy machinery. As the plates will be subject to multiple stages of processing it is important that the surface remains clean and protected from mechanical damage and atmosphere corrosion, which is achieved thanks to preliminary shot blasting and priming.

The commissioning of the line represents part of Metinvest’s strategy to shift sales to value-added segments in the European market and provide a higher level of service to the customers. The new line, supplied by German manufacturers, will enhance Trametal mill’s capabilities in plate finishing, which already include heat treatment and edge trimming. Up to now, shot blasting and priming services have been outsourced to external providers.

The equipment embraces latest technological innovation and boasts compliance with the strictest environmental standards that are applied in the area. At its maximum designed capacity, the line is able to process above 100,000 tonnes of plates per year with a minimum thickness of 4 mm and a maximum width of 3,200 mm. The capacity can also be used for processing steel profile products like strip, bulb, etc.

Now the complete process of plate production, preparation for further processing and shipment to the customer will be completed directly at the mill, thus allowing to improve both logistical flexibility and quality control.

Shot blasted and primed plates will be supplied to Italy, Germany and other EU countries, prospectively – to Middle East as well.

Mr. Roberto Re (Head of Metinvest Western Europe):

‘I am very proud of this project and I consider it a fact of real partnership with our key customers. High quality products, efficient and prompt service – are crucial factors that will help us weather the turbulent conditions of the steel market and create a background for mutually beneficial cooperation. We will not stop at a point and continue developing even stronger value proposition for our clients’.