Metinvest launched production of the most in-demand crane rail completing its crane rail product line development program

27 December 2016

Metinvest Group’s Azovsta Iron and Steel Works launched production of KR80 crane rail. With the launch of the new product, the enterprise completes forming the line of the most in-demand crane rail for the industry.

The product corresponds to DSTU 2484 and GOST 4121 standards and is used in construction of heavy-duty bridge (overhead) crane rail tracks. Seaports, industrial enterprises, and construction companies are among the consumers of the crane rail.

The first 100 tonnes of the new product were shipped to the domestic market and to the CIS countries. Expected sales volume of crane rail KR80 is estimated approximately at 1,000 tonnes per year. 

Mariupol plant earlier launched the production of crane rail KR70, KR100 and KR120.  Metinvest Group’s enterprises are the largest consumers of rail KR80 and KR100 in the domestic market. With production of the new KR80 standard size, the products from Azovstal are present in the highest capacity segments of crane rail market in the CIS. This will allow filling the domestic market with the products from a domestic producer and abandon imports from Russia. Metinvest plans to sell 5,000-6,000 tonnes of all types of crane rails per year.