In 2016, Metinvest generated additional profit of approximately $45 million by new product sales

24 February 2017

Metinvest Group’s metallurgical enterprises generated approximately $45 million of extra profit from new products sale. These new products were launched within 2010-2016. At the same time, the share of new items launched in 2016 totaled over $6 million.

Production of 49 new products was launched in 2016. Construction sector, machine building and pipe industry remained the main consumers of new steel products in 2016.

Metinvest brought 169 new products to market in 2010-2016. Cumulative financial benefit from these products sale comprised $214 million.

This year Metinvest Group’s production facilities will continue to expand the product range for construction and machine-building sectors. In 2017, the Company plans to start production of approximately 30 new products in the segments of hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and galvanized coil products, heavy plates and sections. Major focus will be on expanding the mix of high strength rolled steel products, and items compliant with the international standards.    

The new products will be sold in the domestic market, Europe and the USA.